The Duck Forge

Dive into the madness of how we craft each Dash Ducky. It’s not magic—it’s mayhem.

Phase One


Dash Ducky isn’t just a spontaneous quack-up. It’s engineered to tap into the chaos of inertia, with a sturdy base and a crafty counterweight on a moment arm, all to snag the wild entropy from your bad driving. The mission was clear: small enough for your dash, wild enough to spin like crazy, and robust enough to handle any rubber duck you throw its way.

Phase Two


Slicing isn’t about cutting; it’s about art. We cranked the infill density to the max for beastly strength and weight, opting for a layer pattern that laughs in the face of high temperatures and warping. What’s left? Just hitting print and watching the magic take shape.

Phase Three


This is where Dash Ducky transforms from digital fantasy to tangible rebel. Our state-of-the-art 3D printers heat up and lay down each layer with ruthless efficiency. With precise control, they sculpt Dash Ducky out of durable, heat-resistant ABS, each layer fusing seamlessly to form the iconic, chaotic spinner. It’s a sight to behold: from a spool of raw material to a perfectly formed Dash Ducky, ready to take on the dashboard and the world.

Phase Four


Assembly is where the real fun begins. We slam two bearings into Dash Ducky’s guts—one slicked up for smooth spins, the other bulking up as the counterweight. Once the spin-check passes muster, we snap on the caps and shove the base home.

Phase Five


Packaged with a flair for the dramatic, each Dash Ducky gets bagged with a mini duck, double-sided tape, and a couple of alcohol wipes for a squeaky clean getaway. Labels slapped on, your feathery rebel is ready to duck off right out the door and into your life.