Duck Up Your Dash

Meet Dash Ducky, the quacked-out co-pilot you never knew you needed. Think your dashboard is just for navigation? Think again. Our Dash Ducky spins out of control, just like your life.


What The Duck Is This?

Ever wondered what happens when you mix a touch of engineering genius with a splash of reckless fun? You get Dash Ducky — a spinning spectacle born from the idea that driving should be anything but ordinary. It's not just a dashboard accessory; it's a spinning rebellion against the mundane. Crafted from Durable materials and designed to dance with every turn, Dash Ducky brings a dose of unexpected joy to every journey. Ready to turn your ride into a riot? Learn more about how this dashing duck came to rule the road.

Frequently Quacked Questions

What Is Dash Ducky Made Of?

Dash Ducky is made from high quality Polycarbonate or ABS which is one of the most commonly used materials for car accessories and general household items.

What Happens If My Dash Ducky Arrives Ducked Up?

If your Dash Ducky gets ducked up in transit just message our support team and we will get you replacement parts for your Dash Ducky.

Will My Dash Ducky Melt In The Heat?

The standard DashDucky is made out of high Quality ABS which won't warp until it reaches 90°F, For temperatures above 90°F we recommend the High-Temp DashDucky Made out of Polycarbonate it won't warp under 120°F.

What If My Dash Isn't Perfectly Flat?

Dash Ducky is quacked when it comes to spinning, as long as your dash is close to flat and the spinner points toward the back of your vehicle when it settles it should be able to spin just fine.

How Many Duckies Come With The Dash Ducky?

Dash Ducky is designed to be used with ducklings you already have, however we understand that some of you may not have ducklings of your own so we found some for you, you can add up to two ducklings per spinner to your order because sharing is caring.