The Lore Of The Ducks

Explore how a lone duck sliding across a dashboard inspired a revolution in car ride entertainment with Dash Ducky.

Origin Story

A Simple Duck, A Grand Idea

What started as a jeep duck sliding across the dashboard during drives sparked a playful realization—what if the dashboard could be more than just a place for static decor? What if it could be a stage for fun, chaos, and entertainment? This experience led to the first concept of Dash Ducky.


Ducky We Have A Problem

The journey from a sliding duck to a spinning spectacle wasn't without its bumps. Our first prototypes were far from perfect, often melting in the heat or failing to spin. It was clear that if we wanted to revolutionize car rides, we needed something more stable and durable.


Fixing And Refining

Determined to capture the essence of quack on the dashboard, we dove into a series of iterations. We experimented with various materials and designs, enhancing stability and optimizing the spinner mechanism to harness the car's motion. Each failure brought invaluable lessons, pushing us closer to our goal.


Crafting a Dashboard Icon

After numerous trials and continuous improvements, we achieved the breakthrough we had been striving for: a Dash Ducky that not only survived the rigors of the road but thrived on them. Engineered to leverage momentum, it turned the car's every move into pure entertainment.


A Dashboard Revolution

Dash Ducky now stands as more than a product—it's a symbol of innovation and amusement on wheels. It represents a departure from the mundane, infusing joy and a dash of rebellion into every journey. Each Dash Ducky is a testament to the power of creativity and the fun of driving—a true companion for those who dare to duck differently.