Installing DashDucky

Step by step instructions on how to install your DashDucky

Step One

Find The Perfect Spot

Scout out a spot on your dashboard flatter than your last date’s personality—ideal for Dash Ducky’s acrobatics. Forget the driveway; that slant’s a no-go for our dizzy duck

step two

settle your dash ducky

Slap Dash Ducky down on that prime spot you picked out. If it settles facing either forward or back, you’re golden. The flatter the spot, the wilder the performance—get it right, and watch Dash Ducky tear up the road

step three

clean the area

Take the alcohol wipes we tossed in, and scrub the hell out of any dirt or slick cleaners coating your dash. If it feels as greasy as last night's pizza box, keep wiping that sucker down until it's back to normal. Keep in mind, your typical dash cleaners will sabotage our double-sided tape's grip

Step four

stick Your spinner

Slap some tape on the bottom of your spinner and those caps. Press down like you mean it to make sure Dash Ducky stays put during those wild rides

Step five

Attach your ducks

Place your spinner on the spotless section and push your rubber ducks onto the caps. Apply a solid press to ensure they don't jump ship when you hit the gas

Step six

that's it

Hit the road with Dash Ducky riding shotgun, and leave passersby pondering, Is that guy on quack?